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Metal Rolling Services

Metal rolling is a key manufacturing process that clients across diverse industries—such as oil and gas, aerospace, and materials technology—rely on for its versatility. To meet the demands of different clients, metal rolling manufacturers offer expertise in certain materials and specialized capabilities. Fabrication Services, Inc. (FSI) is a leading industrial steel fabricator that provides metal rolling services for a variety of applications. Learn more about the benefits and uses of metal rolling as well as the capabilities we offer in-house.

2 inch rolled to 8 foot metal

What Do We Do? 

At FSI, we use the metal rolling process to work with materials such as steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other alloys. We purchase sheets of metal to be rolled into custom fabricated pressure vessel shells, plates, and metal components. In our in-house roll bending process, we turn plate or sheet steel into cylindrical products. The metal changes shape during roll bending because it is subjected to forces that bend its elasticity. 

What Are the Benefits and Applications of Metal Rolling?

There are two primary types of metal rolling: hot rolling and cold rolling. Each offers its own set of benefits.

In hot rolling, heat is applied to soften the metal, making it easier to roll into various desired shapes. This method requires less force and effort to conform the metal to a specific shape. Since hot rolling heats metal above its recrystallization temperature, the process also reduces stresses in the metal’s internal grain structure.

In cold rolling, more force is required to shape the metal as needed, but it does result in a better surface finish than hot rolling. Metal cold rolling is also generally more cost-effective than hot rolling, since it does not require preheating the metal.

Metal rolling commonly produces the following metal products: 

  • Vessel shells
  • Tank shells
  • Storage tanks
  • Kiln shells
  • Rail car rampart tanks

Choosing Fabrication Services Inc. for Your Metal Rolling Needs

FSI brings over 50 years of experience to our partnerships, and we have the experience and knowledge to handle any metal rolling project that you require.

Our 2” Bertsch plate can roll metal up to 2” thick and 10’ wide. We can achieve outer diameters (OD) as tight as 30”, and our hook heights enable us to achieve up to 15’ in diameter. 

Our ⅝” Bertsch plate can roll ⅝” metal up to 10’ wide. This metal rolling machine can roll as tight as 18” OD and up to 15’ based on your specifications.

All our forming and rolling services are performed in-house to ensure superior product quality. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, we offer 24/7 customer service. Contact us to discuss your metal rolling needs or to learn more about our capabilities.