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Industries Served

These are essential processes in diverse industries that require durable and precise parts and components in particular forms and sizes. At FSI, you can trust us to deliver superior results based on your specifications. Our sheet metal forming services can accomplish concise, high-quality outcomes regardless of industry.

As premier steel fabricators, we work with clients who want accurate and versatile parts. Therefore, we must use a variety of techniques to achieve the desired dimensions, including sheet metal bending, stamping, forging, and roll forming. Our experienced professionals also employ state-of-the-art equipment to develop products that can aid in your operations.

Industries We Work With

As one of the leading steel fabrication companies, industries work with us because of our excellent track record in custom steel fabrication projects. We offer unparalleled expertise in fabricating steel and other alloys while specializing in sheet metal forming and rolling for the following industries:


The aerospace industry requires parts and components that ensure maximum performance and functionality for their varied applications. Our sheet metal forming techniques ensure that we meet their standards, producing lightweight yet sturdy components for aircraft structures. These parts are imperative to increase the safety of an aircraft and its passengers while displaying excellent performance.

Examples of products include:

  • Fuselages
  • Structural components
  • Engine parts


In the automotive industry, attention to detail is crucial in order for us to create lightweight components that make up a vehicle. These ensure it can drive fast without issues while optimizing its performance and enhancing its ability to save on fuel. Fortunately, sheet metal rolling and forming are ideal methods in manufacturing auto parts that can adhere to these specifications.

Examples of products include:

  • Body panels
  • Chassis
  • Exhaust systems


Our custom steel fabrication services also cater to the appliance industry, where precision and durability are essential. We can utilize varying sheet metal forming techniques to accomplish parts for various household appliances without the need to undergo any machining procedures.

Examples of products include:

  • Freezers
  • Metal sinks
  • Cooker hoods


The agriculture industry is known for its harsh and extreme environments. Their equipment and machinery must have outstanding durability to be able to withstand wear and tear. Our expert operators and machinists are capable of fabricating robust components with ease and confidence to ensure that the finished products can endure these conditions

Examples of products include:

  • Harvesting equipment
  • Tractor parts
  • Irrigation systems


Another sector with very meticulous and strict guidelines that also has the highest standards in manufacturing when it comes to the materials used in their applications is the defense industry. We can produce resilient components that meet their specific prerequisites and demands through our specialized sheet metal rolling and forming methods.

Examples of products include:

  • Tactical vehicles
  • Weapon systems
  • Armor plating


Harvesting energy from the sun requires top-grade components that can withstand long-time exposure to extreme weather conditions since solar products predominantly remain outside. Fortunately, sheet metal forming makes the production of high-quality parts for solar applications possible, ensuring efficient energy production without downtimes and maintenance issues.

Examples of products include:

  • Solar panels
  • Support structures
  • Frames and brackets


Parts and components used in building HVAC systems must be effective in resisting harsh elements while providing superb and consistent temperature control. Our sheet metal forming services maintain high levels of efficiency.

Examples of products include:

  • Ductwork
  • Roof curbs
  • Coils and refrigerant lines

Tube & Pipe

Pipeline systems are critical elements in residential, and commercial applications, and our custom steel fabrication services can accomplish high-performance tube and pipe forming services with well-made results. We have extensive experience fabricating pipes and tubes in different shapes and sizes to meet your pipeline and tubing requirements.

Examples of products include:

  • Pipelines
  • Exhaust systems
  • Hydraulic lines


Due to its affordable and reliable process, the electronics industry relies on custom steel fabrication to produce electronic assemblies. Our services and capabilities can be used for electronic assembly prototyping and rapid manufacturing solutions for integral part end-uses.

Examples of products include:

  • Sheet metal housings and enclosures
  • Cabinets
  • Brackets

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries are well-known for their rigorous environments and need for heavy-duty equipment and devices that can withstand high impacts, corrosive substances, and fluctuating temperatures. Through our advanced sheet metal forming and rolling procedures, we can produce parts that meet the demands of this industry, ensuring resilient components that will last a long time.

Examples of products include:

  • Drilling equipment
  • Tanks and storage units
  • Tracks and rails


Pieces made for the medical and healthcare fields must adhere to MDR regulations by maintaining a quality control system during the manufacturing cycle. It’s essential that strict guidelines are followed and religiously adhered to during the production process. Through our unrivaled commitment to excellence, we can continuously develop quality sterile parts for various medical equipment that can aid in patient care while improving quality of life.

Examples of products include:

  • Surgical instruments
  • Implants and prosthetics
  • Diagnostic equipment


Trucks, cranes, and heavy machinery equipment must withstand long hours of operation during construction projects. To make robust parts used to build these heavy-duty equipment and machinery, custom steel fabrication is an ideal option for a rapid and affordable fabrication process. Our team guarantees that our products can withstand the many challenges of construction environments.

Examples of products include:

  • Crane components
  • Dump truck parts
  • Bulldozer blades

Our list is not exhaustive as we also cater to other industries, such as the marine and telecommunication sectors. No matter the application or industry, our team at FSI has the knowledge and resources to handle your custom steel fabrication needs.

Trust Experts to Yield Desirable Outcomes Through Custom Steel Fabrication

Fabrication Services, Inc. is among the leading steel fabricators with years of expertise in steel fabrication. Operating since 1970, we have grown into one of the most trusted steel fabrication companies that can deliver the best results in custom steel fabrication.

If you want to know more about our capabilities and services, feel free to contact us today! You may also request a quote, and our team can find a cost-effective solution tailored to your project’s unique needs!